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Cameringo+ Effects Camera v2.8.06 APK [LATEST]

Cameringo+ Effects Camera v2.8.06 APK [LATEST] 

With its powerful but simple yet elegant interface Cameringo+ APK, this professional photography camera includes a large variety of real-time real-time effects such as LUMO and VINE, including several types of lens such as fisheye, wide angle, and many more. Cameringo+ Effects Camera APK is the best app that is like a DSLR Camera. In total more than 300 customizable live filters, and more than 20 screenshots.

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For HER fans produces the most beautiful images with Vauxhall tone mapping filters listed. You can also create a few planet images with stereo-geographic filters, or use Little Planet Custom mode. Cameringo+ Filters Camera APK and loving photography enthusiasts will also be delighted with the simulated effects of some classic cameras including 16mm and 8 ultra styles which you will easily find in included filter packages.


Enjoy video recording with live filters, including slow and fast motion video recording, pause and resume, and even real-time drawing during recording. (Note that the video requires Jelly Bean 4.3 or higher)

Geff recorder that is similar to the video can also be used with all filters available, allowing even to change the recording speed to produce funny animation, or even recording in reverse mode.

Cameringo offers advanced features that DSLR camera owners will envy, as will be able to change real-time image exposure, contrast, brightness and more, allowing for unique adjustment of all filters to achieve unique creations.

Do not forget to try a unique virtual flash for a crazy facial image. The idea is very simple, in the dark the screen will light up enough to give you a chance to capture your smile.

Other features included are silent mode, the desired graph and Luma, the stealth mode to become a secret factor, the overall focus to get these close-up images, and many options for you to discover.

Cameringo+ APK Features:

  • This is the owners of the envy DSLR camera. Several manual controls for imaging settings: such as exposure, exposure lock, brightness, contrast, saturation, all filters allow complete and unique manual customization.
    Get personal photos of face madness with unique virtual flash for front facing cameras. The concept is very simple: in full darkness the screen will light up enough to give you a chance to capture your smile. Not all effects are suitable to fade, so try for the first time with “original”.
  • The Cameringo camera lens is unique while shooting allows to keep reviewing mode, giving the option to compare the last image against direct preview. Plus, the horizon level indicator gives you better control now on the angle of the image.
  • Other features listed are on-screen auto exposure lock (AE-L), image stabilization, silent camera mode, graph, stealth mode / spy, geographic characterization (GPS location), guidelines, click to shoot, macro focus, set, artist And copyright in the EXIF tag, and even the option to shoot square images completely making them easier to download in Instagram.

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